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A. Sulthan Hameed, ( Director - Operations )
of Inscribe BPO has more than 10 years of diverse litigation support and eDiscovery experience. He is responsible for operations and training. He has trained more than 100 employees during his tenure with Inscribe. Under his leadership, the Inscribe BPO operations groups have grown substantially. In his current role, he is responsible for the teams that deliver client success, including operations and delivery His efforts are focused on the continued development and implementation of quality processes throughout the organization to ensure successful project outcomes.
He mentors a cadre of talented and accomplished department directors who work collaboratively to ensure client expectations are not only met, but also exceeded.
Prior to Inscribe BPO Sulthan Hameed was Subeditor of one of the nation's top Agriculture Magazine. He also has extensive experience in start-ups and graphic designing.
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Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
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