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The term "data" is defined as collection of information that can be retrieved and used. We help in giving actual meaning to your data by creating a powerful database and coding and indexing the records. A document is an exclusive page or a series of pages characterized by a unique creation date, author, recipient, document type etc.Document coding is the process of identifying and extracting information specific to each document into a common form so that the documents are rendered searchable at any later date. Coding makes the search process easier. Inscribe can comfortably handle any complex coding requirement.
Unitization / Logical Document Determination (LDD)
Logical Document Determination is the process of determining the boundaries of a document. It can also be called as Unitization. LDD is the process in which the attachment range and the document boundaries within the attachment range are determined.
Subjective Coding
Subjective coding requires the Coder to seek out information, perform an analysis and make a subjective interpretation of the document. Depending on the project, the database structures we use may contain. Subjective Coding is a more comprehensive coding process in addition to the objective coding that includes keywords and relevant data coding from the document text. Such coding is flexible and specific to individual company requirements.
Objective Coding
Objective coding provides a systematic, standardized organization of documents for efficient data retrieval. The purpose is to identify and capture relevant content from the collection of images. It creates database(s) of your choice, based on the fields pertinent to specific case requirements.
Data Fields typically include
Document Date
Document Title
Document Type
Characteristics or Attributes
Name in Text / Keyword
Mentioned Names-in-Text and Keywords are generally considered bibliographic fields even though they require the coder to review and capture information from the text of the document.
Names standardization
Bates Capture
This process involves the capturing of the stamped bates number from the image, the output can be delivered either in the image levels or Document level.
We will also perform necessary load file creation as per the captured bates number and provide the client with renamed images and modified load files as per the requirement.
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
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