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Inscribe Solutions in Chennai, India is solely dedicated to Medical Transcription. The company has been floated by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals with the sole object to be a global leader in providing remote back office services for the healthcare industry with a total commitment to quality aimed at consistently delivering a superior customer services and employee satisfaction.Inscribe Solutions has been providing services to the US based Transcription companies, Clinics, and Hospitals. We have been concentrating on quality and achieving accuracy levels of at least 99%.
Our team have been exposed to various types of reports, namely Operative Summary Consultancy Reports Discharge Summary Emergency Room Reports Clinic Notes Letters Subjective Objective Assessment Plan notes (SOAP) Progress Notes..
We have years of experience in a wide range of specialties like surgery reports, internal medicine, pulmonology, obstetrics & gynecology, cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, ophthalmology, urology, endocrinology, orthopedics, wound care, pain management, physical therapy, psychiatry, genetics and occupational therapy.
Create a barrier to entry by developing a high quality trained workforce that can deliver quality healthcare back office services in volume on an industrial scale.
On achieving our uniquely trained workforce and culture in the medical transcription, use these core skills and competencies to branch into other healthcare back office services. In Addition to adding other healthcare back office services, it is also intended to enter other English speaking marketplaces such as UK, Singapore, and Australia.
Turn Around Time
Temporary and scheduled coverage are all welcome. Based on client needs. Current TAT is 12 hours.
Inscribe Solutions' work culture is designed to - create ownership and to stimulate creativity, amidst employees. A challenging & productive work environment is the natural consequence of such a focus.
We strive to create leaders at every level as opposed to settling for trained workers on routine jobs. This is held in tension with the strict and uncompromising business ethics Inscribe Solutions is committed to. The focus on business integrity begins within it's own walls. Employees are challenged to prove themselves as conscientious, responsible and dependable. There needs to be a willingness to learn, persevere, and adapt to changing scenarios.
Our recruitment procedures are structured specifically to identify men and women of such caliber. In return employees enjoy the benefits of a democratic work environment that respects the views and suggestions of all personals. Inscribe Solutions has an open door policy with easy access to all the officials in the company. Valid requests of change and re-focus are implemented at the earliest.
Most of all, Inscribe Solutions presents the employee with a fun place to work, a spirit of enthusiasm, bonding and freedom is core to the company's working style.
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
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