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Inscribe considers quality and data accuracy to be the core importance. We guarantee our clients the highest level of accuracy, with strict quality guidelines and frequent performance checks we ascertain that our associates follow the guided principle all time. We constantly measure our effectiveness in line with the international benchmark and strive to meet them.
Quality Control
One of the principal functions is to review the work and correct any inconsistencies or omissions and to provide constructive feedback, so that future work is consistent with the overall project. It is quality control that maintains "accuracy", "consistency", and "completeness"— which is the backbone of a successful database project.
3 Tier Quality Control Mechanism
1. In-ward Inspection
  Input Analysis
Querylog – Clarification
2. In Process Checks
  100% Inspection
  Names, Spell, Restricted Characters,… etc
  Project specific extensive Checklists.
3. Final
  ISO 2859 Random Sampling
Quality Assurance
A quality assurance program is designed for each project, including random sample checking, proofreading, and computer based consistency checks. The QC plan also addresses production and delivery schedules.
QA in Litigation process
Sample work / testing: Before we begin full production for any project, we perform tests to assure the final results are exactly what the customer wants. Testing usually uncovers any quality or production issues, and lets the customer see the actual output and how it can be used.
Technology and Software Tools: We use field validation, table lookups, consistency formulas, and logic rules. Validation tables are used to assure that only acceptable data is entered. If your project has specific database of acceptable information, our software can set "validation" rules and checks.
The QA system includes procedures and schedules for data entry, validation checking, random quality checks, and output delivery. Output is thoroughly checked before delivery.
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
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