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R. Prakash, (Managing Director)
Prakash Radhakrishnan holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Madras University, with rich experience spanning over a decade in the outsourcing industry providing Information Technology Enabled service solutions. Before founding Inscribe, Prakash was as a Systems Division Incharge for 7 years looking into data analysis as a part of his main role in SPIC PHI Biogene Ltd, a Multi National Company.
Dealing with volumes of data as a part of his professional career, Mr Prakash Radhakrishnan was quick to appreciate the opportunity of offering efficient and flawless document and data management services.
An entrepreneur at heart, Mr Prakash Radhakrishnan founded Inscribe BPO Private Limited in the early 2000s. As the Managing Director of Inscribe BPO, his strategic insight has facilitated the continued growth of the company into new business verticals within the document and data management services and also the expansion into the ITES space.The areas of expertise include project visualization, new business development, joint ventures and collaborations.
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Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
Relocation of Chennai office
March 1st of '07 is a memorable day...
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